Hello, my name is Jonas

I'm a designer with a masters degree in Design from AHO, co-founded Boden Studio and teaching at AHO. I have collected some of the work underneath. I like to prototype, create and test out new stuff as well working with coding languages as this website exemplifies. Here, I tried to make a GAN of myself which you can see above. Feel free to contact me if you found any of this interesting.

Boden world

It started as a place to explore and have fun. Doing the work we wanted to do more of in the future and using clothes and fashion as a canvas for the concepts and exploration. Using it as an opportunity to create the work that we wanted to do more of in the future.

The initial concept was based around Boden World being a multi-national holding company owning a large number of associated companies. The starting point has been to design various garments for these sub-companies in limited editions, then design and produce a holistic concept around each collection.

Today Boden World is a design studio, clothing brand, publisher and most importantly it is our playground. We are multi-disciplinary and have worked with art direction, graphic design, illustration, photography, film, branding and concept development.

Instagram Website


  • Boden Powerlifting
  • Boden World Magazine 2 / released Tokyo
  • Boden World Print night
  • Boden World Magazine 1 / released Oslo
  • Boden World Studio Launch
  • Print workshop in Sweden sponsored by Converse
  • Boden World Expo 2019

Boden World Magazine 2

Boden Powerlifting

Boden Printnights


This is projects I have done mostly in collaborations with other. It is a mix between self initiated and client work. In this selection I try to show the diversity of what I have done.

Evidencing 5G

Hunting Lodge


Digital everyday life


Norway 2040: Future Laboratory

Sassy 009

Akerselva Kulturkulvert



Branding in The Public Sector


In the making

Website for a research based architecture firm

Platform and promo for a co-creating book

Album cover and assets for a rock band

Current position

Teaching Interations Design and tangible interactions at AHO (Website)

Awards & Nominees

2020 AHO Works Nomine

2019 Visuelt Gull Åpen klasse Boden World

2019 Visuelt Diploma Student Boden World

2019 2019 D&AD Side Hustle

2019 AHO Works Nomine

2018 AHO Works Nomine