Jonas Vetlesen is an interdisciplinary design student from Fredrikstad, living in Oslo. His projects range from products to service and interactions. He is excited about tech and enjoys fiddling with technology. Jonas is a co-founder of Boden. He really enjoys making pizza for his friends, so much that he made a pizza concept called Janos Pizza. He also makes movies, some for fun and some more serious. Check out his instagram if you want, or his photo blog that occasionally get updated.
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Started 2018

Co-founder of Boden together with Elias and Axel. This project is a design-studio and clothing brand. We got tired of school projects and got our hands on a vinyl cutter and heat transfer press. Then we started to do some R&D.
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Bonk’s purpose is to fix your own bicycle more available and easier. The main goal was to increase the confidence when fixing your own bike. When signing up to Bonk you get your own repairing kit, that fits in the bottle cage. Throughout the season Bonk arranges workshops, teaching their users how to take care of their own bike.
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Parley Reef


The brief was to make a next generation service that could help adidas to get incharge of their products. Parley Reef is a membership driven service where you run and earn points. The further you run, more points you will earn and you can swap the points for training gear made with recycled materials. When your training gear is worn out you can send it back to adidas and earn points.



Oslo has a huge digital library of old pictures. With this project we tried to match up your GPS location with a pictures from the data base. This was a project made together with Fredrik and Joakim.
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Apartment hunt


Jonas and his old room mate Elias was looking for a new apartment. They came up with making a website showing how nice they were. It actually worked and we got a flat.

Janos Pizza

2018 ->

Jonas really likes making pizza and decided to play around with some branding. Janos is Jonas pizza-cooking alter-ego. Every once in a while he invites his friends over for some delicious pizza’s made by “Janos Pizza”
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Bord 01


Steel top table made with together with my good friend Mikkel for a private client.

Top 5mm cold rolled steel sheet
Substructure Solid Pine Wood

Seating section


The brief was to make a recreation area for a new psychiatric hospital in Oslo. We made this couch type furniture inspired by Norway's  iconic coast, where the rocky landscape dictates how to sit.


2015 ->

Various projects Jonas has done through out the years, just scroll through!
Four week arduino project where I tried to make a physical visulization for kids to understand how money in a bank account works.
Music video for Skovveien shoot in one and a half day with two days in post